About John

About John

Thank you for visiting ABQ Realty®. I began to think of this business model after a frustrating experience with my real estate agent in the sale of my home in 1995. It was from this encounter that I envisioned a more innovative way to handle real estate transactions. This is why ABQ Realty is different than most traditional real estate brokerages.

Let me tell you some things about myself. I am a Native New Mexican and I spent my youth in Santa Fe. In 1980, I graduated from Santa Fe High School. After my first year in college I enlisted in the military. During my military tour, I saw many parts of the world and experienced a number of different cultures. After leaving the Air Force, I attended East Texas State University (ETSU) in Commerce, Texas and graduated in 1990 with a degrees in Marketing and Photography. Missing the drier climate, I decided to move back to New Mexico and arrived in Albuquerque in 1995.

Throughout my life I’ve enjoyed hobbies that deal with mechanics, engineering, remodeling and repair. In fact, it was during the transaction of selling my home in Texas that my list of hobbies converged. Oddly this is how I became a Realtor®. In 1998, I started my Real Estate career by joining one of Albuquerque largest companies. After a few years there I decided to start my own company in 2001. Now I can offer the public better methods for buying and selling real estate than the traditional ways.

My company is now in its 18th year of business. When I developed this website, ABQ Realty.net, I focused primarily on simplicity for real estate information. If you’re unable to find the answers that you seek, I invite you to check out the FAQ page or submit your question. Most questions are answer within 24 hours.

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