Problems with my agent?

Having problems with your agent?

I’m sorry to hear an agent is not performing professionally. These are the steps I would recommend to fix the problem.

  1. Contact their Qualifying Broker to explain the problem. Most agents are sub-contractors of the Qualifying Broker. That means the Qualifying Broker owns the contracts between the agent and the agent’s client. Call the office phone number and ask to speak to the Qualifying Broker. Most Qualifying Brokers are understanding and want to solve the issue. Some will use the “delay” tactics. Such as “playing phone tag”, or “stating they’ll get back to you”. Give the Qualifying Broker a time frame and let them know the next step(s) you plan on taking if the issue not resolved.
  2. Contact the Greater Albuquerque Association of REALTORS, it’s the local chapter of REALTORS®, and speak with the Professional Standards Administrator. The number is 505-842-1433. The professional standards process plays a very important role. It helps ensure honorable, faithful and competent service to the public by enforcing the Code of Ethics.

  3. File a complaint with the New Mexico Real Estate Commission.

  4. If you are seeking monetary awards you should seek action in civil court. Find yourself a good lawyer.

  5. How did you find your agent? You might want to go on social media to help others from having your problem(s).

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