Want it? Buy it?
But Purchase it Right!

Typically, the seller of a home pays a commission of 6% which is split between the Seller’s agent and the Buyer’s agent. Traditional brokerages keep all of their commission. WOW!!!

When ABQ Realty is your Buyer's agent, we'll share our commission. Saving you thousands of dollars without sacrificing service. Both programs offer a Full-Service Licensed Real Estate Agent to assist with the purchase of your next home.


Big Sigh of Relief from
Traditional 6% Brokerage

When selling homes with a traditional brokerage, typically sellers pay the Buyer's agent 3% and Seller's agent 3% for a total of 6% of the sale price. WOW!!!

ABQ Realty® provides Full-Service and saves sellers 2% of the sales price. While you pay the Buyer's agent 3%, your selling cost is only 1%.

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