Selling Your Home

Selling Your Home

Listed below are steps typically taken by ABQ Realty during the various stages of a successful residential real estate transaction. Some steps may take minutes, hours or even days to complete, while others may not be needed.

More importantly, these services reflect the level of skill, years of knowledge & attention to detail required in today’s real estate transaction, underscoring the importance of receiving help & guidance from someone who understands the process.

*** Listed in Red are steps provided by ABQ Realty that other agents may not offer


  • Schedule meeting with Seller for listing presentation
  • Review county property tax information
  • Research sales area activity
  • Prepare general “Comparable Market Analysis” (CMA)
  • Prepare listing presentation package
  • E-mail Appointment Checklist & CMA results


  • Walk-thru home noting condition & concerns
  • Review results of Curb Appeal Assessment & provide suggestions to improve market ability
  • Review results of Interior Assessment & suggest changes to shorten time on market
  • Present general CMA results to Seller, including Sales, Current Listings & Expires
  • Present sample Closing Cost Estimate (Net Out) with typical closing costs
  • Discuss goals with Seller to market effectively
  • Review & explain clauses in Listing Contract & Addendums
  • Explain the benefits of secure electronic signatures via email (Docusign)
  • Explain the benefits of Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  • Explain market power of the listing syndication to national, regional, and affiliate websites including,,, and more.
  • Explain the benefits of showings with Realtor’s Lockbox


  • Research pricing strategy based on professional interpretation of current market
  • Prepare detail Residential CMA for agent’s recommendation list price
  • Prepare Closing Cost Estimate (Net Out) at recommendation list price
  • Prepare Listing Agreement & Documents for electronic signatures
  • Email Documents for signatures
  • Note features & measure interior rooms
  • Take inside & outside photographs
  • Install Real Estate Broker “For Sale” yard sign & Realtor lockbox
  • Return Seller’s original documents after making copies, if applicable
  • Enter property data into MLS Listing Database
  • Email copy of detail MLS listing to Seller
  • E-mail Seller’s Electronic Property Disclosure to fill-out
  • Setup Seller for area system updates as market changes
  • Update MLS database as needed


  • Prepare flyers
  • Install flyer box
  • Reprint/Supply color flyers as needed
  • Email request “Showing Feedback” from Buyer’s agents after 1st showings
  • Call Buyer’s agents for “Showing Feedback” after 2nd showings
  • Forward feedback to Seller to help determine if changes will accelerate the sale
  • Email/Review comparable MLS listings regularly to ensure property remains competitive
  • Email monthly update on market conditions to Seller


  • Review Purchase Agreement
  • Evaluate offer & prepare a Closing Cost Estimate
  • Contact Buyer’s agents to review Buyer’s qualifications & discuss offer
  • E-mail offer & Closing Cost Estimate to Seller
  • Counsel Seller on offer. Explain merits of offer
  • Negotiate Purchase Agreement on Seller’s behalf
  • Create due date timeline when a Purchase Agreement is accepted
  • Create secure online access to transaction documents for Seller (Transaction Room)


  • Verify the Buyer’s pre-qualifications letter with Loan Officer
  • Keep in contact with lender to ensure processing is on track
  • Distribute copies of contract & all addends to closing Attorney or Title Company
  • Prepare and convey any Amendments to Buyer’s agent
  • Coordinate closing process with Seller
  • Check on Buyer’s final walk-through before closing
  • Request final closing figures from closing agent (Attorney or Title Company)
  • Review closing financial statement for accuracy
  • Forward verified closing figures to Seller
  • Attend closing at Title Company


  • Verify inspections are ordered
  • Coordinate Buyer’s inspections with Seller
  • Attend inspections
  • Review inspector’s reports
  • Counsel Seller on repair request & help to negotiate agreement


  • Respond to any follow-on calls & provide any additional information
  • E-mail survey request
  • Organize documents & download Closing documents

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