Shopping for a good Realtor®?

ABQ Realty Brings You the Best…

  • Experience: Over 19 years of working knowledge and negotiating.
  • Information: Comprehensive data means your home gets priced right and sold faster.
  • Internet Exposure: The MLS places your listing on a large number of websites.
  • Value: You get superior service and keep more of your hard-earned cash.

We are there from start to finish! Want more details? Read Selling Your Home

We encourage you to shop around. We feel ABQ Realty offers the most complete and affordable real estate services in Albuquerque.

Save Without Compromise

A traditional agent charges you 3% of your purchase price to sell your home. At ABQ Realty the charge is only 1%, without forcing you to compromise on service. There is plenty of false information on the internet about discount brokerages not offering full service; This is why a list of steps typically taken by ABQ Realty to sell a home was created. You’ll be surprised to learn that ABQ Realty does more work than some other brokerages when you read Selling Your Home.

Do you honestly believe agents will put in twice the amount of work on an $300,000 listing versus an $150,000 listing? We believe the steps of getting your home sold are the same.

We use technology to make selling your home easier for everyone, so we can afford to give you both better service and lower fees.

How Real Estate Commissions Work

When selling homes with a traditional brokerage, typically sellers pay the buyer’s agent
3% and their agent 3% for a total of 6% of the sale price. WOW!!!

ABQ Realty provides full-service and saves sellers 2% of the sales price. While you pay the buyer’s agent 3%, your selling cost is only 1%.

Watch this CBS Special Report video Hi-Tech Real Estates Moves In – Realtors’ sacrosanct commission rates of 6 percent may be in danger due to emerging online competition from the Internet real estate sellers and buyers. Lesley Stahl reports on CBS 60 Minutes.

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